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SubjectRe: nfs_lookup_revalidate: %s fh changed

On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Bill Hawes wrote:

> Olaf Titz wrote:
> > It looks like most stat() operations in an NFS mounted filesystem give
> > the above message, so I'm getting swamped in them doing "make" or
> > "rdist". (Linux 2.1.122)
> >
> > Looking at the source, it appears these are basically debugging stuff
> > and can safely be removed. Am I right?
> Hi Olaf,
> You're correct that the messages are for debugging, but I'm curious as to why
> you're getting so many. Which server are you using?
> The message basically means that in trying to reuse a dentry we had a
> successful lookup, but because the fh changed we're going to have to make a
> new dentry.
> Are other people seeing lots of these too?

Yes, absolute storms of them! I had to comment out the error reporting
code in fs/nfs/dir.c because the overhead of flushing the messages to the
system logs was bogging down the system. Like Olaf, I assumed they were
normal - and remained from your original alpha testing.

I'm also seeing a flood of "inode mismatch" messages, but not in the same
order of magnitude as the "fh changed" ones <g>.

Seriously, if this is not a good thing, let me know what I can do to
help you home in on it!


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