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SubjectRe: Please try knfsd 980922


On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, H.J. Lu wrote:

> Please try knfsd-980922.

I did. Client hostname works now. I can mount from AIX machines with
NFSv2 + UDP + insecure and access the filesystem. Tomorrow I will test
lockd functionality with CATIA (CAD Software). With earlier kernels
(2.1.98-102) I had " Aieeh - Semaphore in use" errors and crashes with

I found a problem with an IRIX 5.3 client. When descending the NFS-mounted
tree, "pwd" resolves to the root-path of the server, not the client.

/home exported from achilles:/home to iris2:/achilles

iris2 1# cd /achilles
iris2 2# pwd
iris2 #3 cd catv4 # This should result in /achilles/catv4
iris2 #4 pwd
/home/catv4 # This is the achilles tree ???

The IRIX 5.3 is patchlevel about Nov. 1996. When IRIX mounts an AIX
export, it doesn`t show this behaviour. Is this an IRIX problem or
server-related? Linux 2.0.35 and AIX 4.3 clients also pwd correctly.

cu, Steffen Rheinhold

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