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SubjectRe: Linux, UDI and SCO.
On Sat, 19 Sep 1998, Gerhard Mack wrote:

> >UDI allows device drivers to be portable across both hardware platforms
> >and
> >operating systems without any changes to the driver source. This
> >significantly lowers the cost of driver development, speeds
> I'm starting to wonder how many of you actual read the post from SCO.
> Cross hardware platforms ? Were did it say Intel only ?

Owww! <slaps forehead real hard>

Of course Intel is interested in hardware-portable drivers.
This way they can benefit from a whole host of drivers once
Merced is out the door. This will, of course, leave the
door open for other architectures, but I guess Intel is
counting on the marketing machine for that...

Once it doesn't matter what hardware you buy, the sysadmins
will give up easier when management decides to buy Intel
instead of SPARC or Alpha... In this aspect, a hardware-
portable UDI might actually work in favour of Intel...

Leveling the playing field is good if you have most of
the publicity...

OTOH, it would be nice to have an 8-CPU, 200 MHz, 20
Watt (total) ARM box around, once this becomes possible.

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