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    SubjectRe: Today Linus redesigns the networking driver interface (was Re: tulip driver in ...)
    On Sun, 20 Sep 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > The whole notion of "interrupt priority" is just completely broken. There
    > > is no such thing.
    > On a PC.

    > Almost every cli in the kernel is in fact really
    > block_interrupt(dev->irq)
    > something
    > unblock_interrupt(dev->irq)
    > Where dev->irq is the device irq.

    #ifdef __i386__
    #define block_interrupt(irq) save_flags(flags); cli();
    #define unblock_interrupt(irq) restore_flags();
    #define block_interrupt(irq) sane_block_interrupt(irq);
    #define unblock_interrupt(irq) sane_unblock_interrupt(irq);



    Geert Uytterhoeven
    Wavelets, Linux/{m68k~Amiga,PPC~CHRP}
    Department of Computer Science -- Katholieke Universiteit Leuven -- Belgium

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