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SubjectRe: kexportfs and knfsd
>> One last wish-list item.  It would be great if kexportfs accepted domain
>> wildcards like the user nfs server. It's a great pain having to
>> specifically list all potential client boxes.
From what I can see, kexportfs suuports wildcard, subnet and netgroups
>as hostname. What else do you have in mind?

Actually, there is a slight glitch with using wildcards (and possibly others,
though I haven't tried them), since the way it is implemented is that
mountd adds explicit exports for any host which mounts something matching
a wildcard export. If you reinitialize the export list (eg
kexportfs -ua; kexportfs -a) any client that had mounted something exported
with a wildcard will have to remount it. I have also seen this on
reboots of the server (though not consistently, so I suspect it has to
xtab surviving or not).


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