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SubjectRe: Implementing Meta File information in Linux (and a note at the end on current reiserfs status)
Brandon S. Allbery writes:
> In message <199809030159.LAA11039@vindaloo.atnf.CSIRO.AU>, Richard Gooch
> writes
> :
> +-----
> | Brandon S. Allbery writes:
> | > OS/2, etc. Of course, at this point the claim could be made that one
> | > doesn't need the fcntl() stuff, just the library (but! it will perform
> | > horribly unless the "structured file" is really a file and a backing (e.g.)
> |
> | Can you explain why you think that keeping the metadata in a normal
> | file and splitting the data streams in userspace is going to be slow?
> +--->8
> Try updating it with a different-sized chunk. Either you (a) rewrite the
> whole thing or (b) mark the chunk as free and then have to garbage collect
> (amounting to (a)) regularly to keep the file from eating the filesystem.
> ---Remember, in the structured file, format-wise, there's no real difference
> between the data and the metadata; so you run into trouble even if you don't
> touch the metadata.

OK, fine. So if the metadata requirements are demanding, as you
indicate, then just put the different streams into separate files. The
FS has good code to do all this, why do it again?



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