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SubjectRe: Odd error.
On Tue, Sep 01, 1998 at 12:27:37PM -0400, Steve McKnelly wrote:
> Ok. I will grant that just for the simple fact that A) Its happening;
> and; B) You have quite a bit more experience in this then I do. However,
> this problem only began when I upgraded the server to 2.1.118 from 2.0.35.
> Considering that I know the source, and their reluctance to change their
> side, what recourse do I have, other then dropping back to 2.0.35? (I
> know that dropping back to 2.0.35 is a minimalistic approach, as is trying
> to make my side deaf, dumb and blind... So please, no flames from the
> peanut gallery *grin*) Never-the-less, thanks. :)

comment out the lines in net/ipv4/icmp.c :-) I do this to prevent syslog
taking up 15% CPU at work :-( The helpdesk havn't exactly been helpful in
the past when mentioning Linux either.


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