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SubjectRe: 3c59x Breakage: Anybody have any clues yet?
On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Elliot Lee wrote:

> > I really hate having to edit the 3c59x driver out of any patch I apply to
> > my 119 tree. So, I ask, has anybody even acknowledged the bug, and/or
> > looked at it?

> Would this happen to be a "see about every fiftieth packet that walks by,
> and ignore the rest" bug, or did I miss? I had this behaviour on a 3c905
> with 2.1.117, and I'm trying to find assurances that the card is still
> good :-)

Just FYI, we've been having some troubles with 3c905Bs, 'Cyclone's, with
about every OS we have. We changed two of our production machines, BSDI and
Linux, from 3c905B to some other cards, and all network problems we had
(which at first looked like cable or switch problems, and sound like your
problems) were instantly gone.

Regular 3c905 'Boomerang's didn't work great under BSDI, either, when we last
tried them -- but since then BSDI updated their 3c905 driver a few times,
so I'm not sure wether it's card or driver related; we just dont use them
in servers anymore :)


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