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    SubjectRe: Linux, UDI and SCO.
    In <> Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH ( wrote:
    BK> In message <>, "Khimenko Victor" writes:
    BK> +-----
    BK> | Problem is following: biggest possible harm from UDI is NOT even from UDI fol
    BK> | ks
    BK> | by itself. The biggest threat is from hardware manufacturers. Without UDI we

    BK> If we require that UDI drivers be GPLed then your worst case cannot happen
    BK> because such vendors' UDI drivers will not be usable with Linux.

    Not GPL'ed. LGPL'ed. Since drivers must be usable for HP-UX, Solaris, SCO (and
    even for M$ Windows if M$ will use UDI layer :-)

    BK> Beyond that, your messages read like paranoia.

    Now, when M$ sees Linux as competitor we MUST use -paronoia mode :-))

    BK> In particular, I2O has far more to do with leveling the playing field
    BK> between Windows and other commercial OSes than a sinister plot
    BK> specifically targeting Linux.

    Of course destroying Linux was not main goal of I2O -- Linux was way to small
    then to be even considered as serious competitor :-)) But now I2O looks
    exactly this way... And since license terms is not changed and such possibility
    does not even considered by I2O participants I2O looks more and more "sinister
    plot agains Linux".

    BK> Do you worry about the black helicopters as well?

    Hm. I'm could not understood your sentence. I'm seen "Black Shark" few times
    but since I'm could do nothing about it I'm not bother...

    BK> And your statement in a previous message that all commercial vendors
    BK> including Microsoft and the commercial Unix vendors are ganging together
    BK> against Linux ignores the fact that the Unix vendors have far more to fear
    BK> from Microsoft in the short term. If your claim that they are siding with
    BK> M$ against us were correct, then there is no question whatsoever that the
    BK> commercial Unix vendors are already dead and we must ignore them completely
    BK> and focus on Microsoft as the enemy.

    You misunderstood me. UDI is not related to M$ as of yet (I hope at least).
    But UDI existence could GREATLY simplyify Linux destroing task for M$. And
    we MUST consider this seriously. Since UDI will be with US for VERY LONG time
    (if it will be adopted by Linux community that is). IMHO UDI COULD BE "Good
    Thing" (unlike LSA :-) but it make Linux MORE vulnerable and we MUST consider
    this problem.

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