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SubjectRe: AVL and hash in memory management
On Sat, Sep 19, 1998 at 10:49:44PM -0400, wrote:

> Shell scripts... I'm a sys-admin for a living and write all kinds
> of shell scripts to do things on alot of different platforms (ie:
> Solaris 2.x/SunOS/Linux/others) and it often bugs me how long it
> takes a shell script to run under linux because of the lateny when
> starting sub-shells from the script.

Linux fork/exec latency is already pretty damn good compared to
solaris, I don't think its every been much slower, if at all.

If its slow on similar hardware, I would tend to think this isn't
what you are seeing.

I find shell scripts are slow sometimes - usually because linux uses
bash for /bin/sh where as solaris uses something more lightweight.

(Nice project for someone looking for something - de bloat bash)

> I'm sure there are other applications, just this is something that
> is VERY obvious in my every-day work...

Oh, as DaveM pointed out, fork/exit isn't uncommon, an he uses the
example of GNU configure scripts.

When I asked this, I did think about configure scripts and consider
them `not and everyday thing', likewise of interactive fork/exit in

But I have to concede, that I consider everyday things, and what
other people consider everyday things are not the same, and since
DaveM claims it make a noticeable different when building glibc, it
hard to argue its a good path not worth some optimization then.


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