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    SubjectRE: Linux, UDI and SCO.
    > The stability of closed drivers is an issue, as is what sort of work will
    > be required to get the kernel to support UDI. If it means doing things in
    > some bass-ackward way, perhaps UDI is best left alone. But if it can be
    > done cleanly, it probably should be done. After all, until Adaptec opened
    > up, we supported the 2940 and such as best we could, but said 'buy
    > Buslogic if you possibly can'. As has already been pointed out, it may
    > be possible to implement the UDI framework such that it can give useful
    > debugging info about what a UDI driver is doing, which would help both
    > with pointing the finger at faulty OEM UDI drivers and with reverse
    > engineering a native driver.

    Curious, wouldn't having UDI drivers running under Linux make them fairly
    easy to reverse engineer? I mean, the drivers will be calling linux kernel
    functions through the UDI kernel interface, so if we trace every call we
    should be able to get a gist of how the driver works.

    Just something to think about.


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