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    SubjectSound on AlphaStation200 problem > 2.1.115
    This problem persists for me.

    On an AlphaStation 200/233MHz, RedHat 5.1/Alpha-
    (all using the same .config, all using latest egcs)

    I can successfully compile, boot, and run 2.035
    and 2.1.115 with sound:

    Sound initialization started
    <MSS audio codec (CS4231)> at 0x534 irq 9 dma 3,3
    Sound initialization complete

    I can successfully compile, but not boot 2.1.116
    through 2.1.122pre3 with sound:

    <MSS audio codec (CS4231)> at 0x534 irq 9 dma 3,3
    (hangs forever)

    I can successfully compile, boot, and run 2.1.116
    through 2.1.122pre3 without compiling in sound:

    (no sound messages, of course)

    Testing shows that this applies whether sound is compiled into the kernel
    or built as a module, past 2.1.115 the modprobe hangs. Newest modprobe tried,
    same problem.

    Any ideas?
    Please CC me any responses to list.

    Technology Development and Special Projects
    Office of Information Technology (OIT)
    University of Massachusetts at Amherst
    Voice: 413-545-3124 Fax: 413-545-3203
    A115 Lederle Graduate Research Center
    UMASS Amherst, MA 01003 USA

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