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    SubjectRe: Implementing Meta File information in Linux
    > Eliminate the distinction between directories and files.
    > Every inode has a data "fork" and a "directory" fork.
    > You can thereby annotate a directory by writing to the
    > data fork and supply meta information for data files by
    > creating files in the "directory" fork. Simple. Cute.

    You have to put in some sanity checks to avoid the directory fork
    getting messy for regular files. I'd recommend a "restricted"
    directory which can't contain
    (a) non-regular files, including directories and symlinks
    (b) files with more than one link (think about why).
    It also doesn't need the . and .. entries and should not be allowed to
    chdir() or chroot() into.

    Other than that, the idea looks particularly good because it avoids
    the need for a resource manager library to put structure in.

    > Only requires figuring out semantics for the
    > struct-stat.st_mode field.

    That's simple: it defines the default for open() and the checks
    mentioned above.


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