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SubjectWarning: RPM 2.5.3 breaks under glibc-2.0.95
Hi guys,

I'm patching RPM 2.5.3 to compile under glibc-2.0.95, as some berk used
the size_t construct in the RPM's header files which are included *before*
the standard glibc header files. Fix is to move these headers after the
standard includes. I'll be forwarding some patches to the authors soon.

Fun isn't it? The irony is, I need RPM to extract some patched stuff from
a SRPM for glibc2. Uhhhhh. Blurble. Drool.

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Linux tahallah 2.1.121 #40 Thu Sep 10 07:26:39 EDT 1998 i486 unknown

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