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SubjectRe: NEWSFLASH! Linux ported to Commodore VIC-20!!
On Mon, 14 Sep 1998, Neil Conway wrote:

> Maybe this isn't such a crap idea after all ;-)) (I still haven't
> bought a backup device for my new PC).

It's actually going to be bloody simple. All we need is a soundcard and a
microphone input. Hook it up to a tape player and have the soundcard
sample the input and convert into binary data, or have the soundcard
convert binary into encoded sound streams onto the tape.

I believe a sampling rate of 64k/s is probably sufficient. Hell, if you're
good at making noises I believe *YOU* can write binary data just by
whistling down the microphone..... just like the experiments I used to do
with my BBC B and its tape player by messing with the microphone line..


bye bye Pentium...


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