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SubjectRe: tulip driver in 2.1.11* - 2.1.21 is broken - new driver
> One from Becker's collection also does not have all the fast routing
> enhancements done by ANK which are in the current kernel source
> version. At least this was the case last time I checked.

I talked to Donald about all of this at Linux Expo and got a very detailed
explanation of why he didn't like the fast routing stuff.

> I think we also need someone more responsive than Becker about these
> drivers and fixing bugs in them and in general maintaining them. When
> was the last time Donald pushed a driver update to Linus without Linus
> asking him for one?

I've no idea. For each 2.0.x I've directly been handling I've sent Donald
one email and got back a list of driver updates he recommends I make, and
in the 2.0.34 case a directory of the files in question and related

> If it were not for ANK, Alan, and myself, nearly all of his driver
> updates would ever see the light of day in the real kernel.

I've had no problems at all. It would be good if some of the folks who
use various ethernet cards and are looking for things to "do for Linux"
actually considered maintaining card drivers. There is a "Donald Becker
is god of ethernet drivers" (which is true enough) but also a "therefore
he writes them all" (which is not). Sound stagnated like that since the
entire world just waited for Hannu to do things.

So from my experience Dave I think you are being unfair on Don. Very


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