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SubjectRe: 2.1.121 breaks compilation, initmem_freed undefined
> > Checking for a module is not an option here. This is kernel code that may be
> > called before or after the free_initmem() call. We just have to know what's the
> > case here...
> Then it had better not depend on any __init data structures, now had it?
> I'm extremely disappointed with people doing completely stupid things.
> Just get rid of the effing logo, and be done with it.

Put your brain back in a moment Linus. The code made complete logical sense

There is a function buried in the depths of the code that can be called
from both modules and at init time. If its called at init time it displays
the penguin logo everyone wants. If its called later it doesnt. So either
there is a "penguin has been freed" flag or you pass "is being called
by a module" through every single layer of code to that deeply buried function.

So it doesnt _depend_ on any __init structures, it can simply make use of them
if they are present.

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