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    SubjectRe: tulip driver in 2.1.11* - 2.1.21 is broken - new driver
    > Hello
    > I was experiencing serious stalls in my 100Mbit network. Alan Cox gave
    > me a pointer to a new version
    > of the tulip driver (included) which works well for me.
    > I tested this version 1 Month now, and it looks stable to me
    > _all_ my network problems _are_ gone.
    > Please consider to include this driver into the kernel.
    > (Tomorrow I will install this driver on a other network, so i will
    > report if i find any further problems)

    For some reason the drivers from Becker's collection
    have recently been quite certain to zap into "re-entering
    interrupt handler" behaviour. This one is no exception :-(

    Some change in kernel around 2.1.110 (+- a few) has caused this
    behaviour, but what ??

    I have three network interfaces; on-board DC21143, 3c900, and
    3c905 cards.

    I have an Alpha system where all different interrupt sources
    have separate IRQs (my highest in-use IRQ number is 44), so
    there is no IRQ-share problems, or such.

    > Regards

    /Matti Aarnio <>

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