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SubjectRe: Implementing Meta File information in Linux
To risk repeating, storing metadata or forks in well named files in directories would solve the problem.
It would be cleaner than anything you are suggesting.

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Jens-Uwe Mager wrote:

> In article <>, "Brandon S.
> Allbery KF8NH" <> wrote:
> > No, this won't help if the user isn't logged in when a deletion occurs that
> > would affect their personal desktop database. Then again, OS/2 has similar
> > issues (delete a file with WPS information when the WPS isn't running; not
> > all WPS information is stored in extended attributes) and nevertheless
> > survives --- in this case by not doing anything about it, hence the market
> > for third-party products that clean up the desktop database. On Linux it
> > would be better to have a low-priority process running alongside the desktop
> > which cleans the database, or perhaps a cron job that runs weekly.
> I promise to you that any such scheme will be a maintenance nightmare. One
> of the really interesting calls is rename, this really makes any external
> meta data storage concept problematic. In particular imagine a larger
> departmental server hosting the files of a bunch of people. All these
> people do work concurrently and add, delete and rename files. You can not
> easily make that a cleanup task from cron, it has to happen in real time.
> Users just expect to have changes pop up in their windows automatically.
> Renames in particular have the nice semantic to be atomic, if you keep
> meta data externally that breaks. Imagine one person saving a file, an app
> renaming the old version and renaming the new version properly saved to
> disk to the desired file name. Another user might at the same time move
> the file to a different directory, which is a rename as well. There is a
> hell of race conditions in that if meta data is not renamed transparently
> with the main data.
> The Mac file system handles this transparently for the users, one of the
> strong points of this system.
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> Jens-Uwe Mager <pgp-mailto:62CFDB25>
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