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SubjectRe: my broken TCP is faster on broken networks
> Clearly it _does_ improve his network performance, and there is
> something very wrong with exponential backoff on the Internet.

You can mathematically prove that an exponential backoff is the
minimal safe backoff for congestion avoidance

> a simple manner. Even if every client does the backoff (hah!)

They do, and more recent routing technologies actively punish people
who are using excessive percentages of the bandwidth - the internet
routers are turning into traffic cops too

> to let the backoff grow so much. Never mind the pure theory.
> We have _humans_ involved, and they don't wait 2 minutes.

The maths is clear. And if your ISP is slow and you get heavy packet
loss and long delays from many sites (ie its not their end) then
change ISP. Vote with your feet.


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