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SubjectRe: Net routing hosed on 2.1.120?
On Sep 9,  8:54pm, Linus Torvalds wrote:
} Subject: Re: Net routing hosed on 2.1.120?

> In article <>,
> Steve Tate <> wrote:
> ...
> >I can reliably make the kernel crash on both 117 and the modified 120.
> >It seems to be some interference with networking because my program
> >will cause both of these to crash when run over a network connection,
> >but the machine seems totally stable if networking is turned off and I
> >run the program from the console.

> I'd ask you if possible to try out a intel EEpro100 based network card,
> or perhaps one of the tulip-based ones. The 3com drivers apparently
> have problems, and I'd like to know if the machine is stable with a
> driver that I know to be stable (the eepro100 in particular I have
> personally used a lot on SMP enviroments, and the tulip-based ones
> enough to make me feel comfortable with them).

This may drift somewhat away from topic but I can vouch for the SMC
Etherpower II cards based on the EPIC chipset in both uniprocessor and
SMP environments.

I have been using them exclusively in our SMP based servers running
Linux 2.0.35 without any problems under reasonably heavy loads without
any problems. I have one in my personal workstation as well which is
a dual pII-300 running the latest kernels.

The only problem we have had are with old Synoptics switches which
don't like to negotiate speed and duplex. These switches are full of
other problems so I can't really blame the cards.

All this in the FWIW category.

> Linus


}-- End of excerpt from Linus Torvalds

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