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SubjectRe: Freeze Upon /dev/fd0 Use

> looked over it. It has happened twice now in the past two days and I have
> replicated it several times since it happened earlier today. I am
> currently running 2.1.119 with framebuffer support and modular sound for a
> SB16. SysRq has no effect on the status of the machine, and nothing is
> logged in the kernel logs. Any suggestions? I will try patches or any
> method suggested to help resolve this problem.

I have the exact same problem. Using floppy while playing sound can
reliably lock the machine after some time.

The hardware is the following:

- UP Pentium board
- SB Awe64 sound card

I've tried with both UP and SMP kernels, and can reproduce this bug
under both. The sound driver is built as a module.

I noticed it in 2.1.119, but I think this is an older problem (the
same thing happened some time ago on some older kernels, but I
thought that the problem was fixed).

/Miklos Szeredi

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