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SubjectRe: Implementing Meta File information in Linux
Theodore Y. Ts'o writes:
> From: "Albert D. Cahalan" <>

>> Then we must forget about ACLs, privs, the immutable bit...
>> We should be using 14-character unix filenames too. No, make
>> that 8.3 case-insensitive filenames. We must be portable!
> There's a difference between metadata which is used by the kernel ---
> ACL's, privs, the immutable bit, etc. --- and metadata which is used by
> higher-level applications. Metadata which is used by the kernel or the
> filesystem should be stored in the filesystem; there's no argument
> there. And yes, there is an issue with how you preserve ACL entries and
> privileges with tools like tar and cpio. (There are some solutions;
> trusted HP-UX has thought about this solution, and has a relatively
> elegant solution which we can steal.)

Since the security data mentioned above must be handled by the kernel,
we need an API to handle it. Since we must support that API anyway,
we will have most of the support for forks.

Look, I don't claim that forks are wonderful.

We need to deal with them anyway though, and we also need to deal
with security data. The two needs can partially share an API.

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