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SubjectRe: Freeze Upon /dev/fd0 Use
On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Of course, the board was dirt cheap so I'll probably just
> > upgrade to a PCI sound card ... or just stop using the
> > floppy, hell, I can hardly remember the last time I used
> > it :)
> Im not so sure. Im seeing two sets of boards here
> 1. "It worked in 2.0.x multiple DMA etc etc" - Triton and other intel
> chipsets we believe to be good. (I've even had one guy check the
> bus concurrency bug fixes are set by his bios - ie streaming off etc)

Yep... I'm going to try to do some intensive testing and trying older
2.1.X kernels to see if I can help track down the source of the problem,
but I probably won't get a chance for a day or two.

I did check earlier though on a couple of things mentioned. One, they are
not trying to use the same resources (at least not as far as I could tell
from /proc). Also, it doesn't happen every time.

It's really weird, I almost feel like I'm in Windows when this happens <G>
But then I remember that I can actually help to fix the problem and I
don't mind the fsck as much any more.


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