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SubjectRe: de4x5.c patch against 2.1.117
On Thu, Aug 27, 1998 at 03:39:12AM +0200, Zlatko Calusic wrote:
> What if I DON'T like modules?

initrd is your friend.

> Do I have any alternative?

you need some way to initialize all pnp hardware before the linux drivers
start poking at it. initrd coupled with some userspace programs could
definitely do it. If the userspace programs were able to do automatic
assignments based on known free IO and IRQ spaces, you could even throw
in new PnP hardware and have it "just work" assuming you had the proper
driver already compiled up in the kernel.

I'm surprised RedHat installation doesn't do this... it's a FPITA to
have to run isapnp before you can do an NFS install, for instance.

Aaron J. Grier | Staff Programmer, OGI |
"Windows is the one true OS. MS invented the GUI. MS invented the 32
bit OS. MS is open and standard. MS loves you. We have always been
at war with Oceania." -- Tracy Reed

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