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SubjectRe: SYSRQ accidents
    From: Nathan Hand <>

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, David Meyer wrote:

> Am I the first one to aim for "k" and accidently hit "l" ? eh? I just
> wanted to saK my current TTY, not destroy my system!

SAK isn't supposed to be a neat toy. It's for developers.

Hmm - sounds like someone who doesnt have a clue what SAK is for.

On the other hand, without enabling SysRq (which is a rather stupid
thing to do, security-wise) the regular SAK only works in normal
keyboard mode, and hence can be spoofed by someone putting the
keyboard in raw or mediumraw mode. In other words, is not absolutely

Maybe the CONFIG_SYSRQ should cover the part of SysRq that no
regular user of the console would ever want (reboot, kill all,
change log level), while the legitimate use (SAK, and perhaps
reset from raw mode) need not be protected by #ifdef CONFIG_SYSRQ .

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