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    SubjectRe: MTRR fix

    On Tue, 1 Sep 1998, Richard Gooch wrote:
    > Hi, Linus. I've appended a patch for 2.1.119 which fixes a problem
    > reported by Tom Eastep (hard lockups when mtrr_add() is called in the
    > console patch with SMP kernel). The problem was that IPIs were being
    > used to distribute the MTRR changes, but smp_begin() had not yet been
    > called. So now I queue the calls to mtrr_add() until smp_begin() has
    > been called.

    I really think that it's the console patch that is broken. If it plays
    with the MTRR's it should be part of the later "real" device
    initialization (ie chrdev_init()) rather than called from console_init()
    which happens early.

    There is no excuse for playing with the MTRR's at console_init() time:
    console_init() is supposed to only get the console to a usable enough
    state that you can see it, not to optimize it for speed.


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