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SubjectRe: Uniform Driver Interface (UDI)
On Mon, Aug 31, 1998 at 04:06:02PM -0700, Gregory P. Smith wrote:

> Yes, but the time presumably covered where performance sucks but the
> device actually works could be very nice. When performance is a problem
> someone can write a real driver. Currently free OSes are often left to
> the wolves to write drivers for new devices after they've been
> released, shipping with winblows drivers and the likes.

You are allowed to re-compile, so presumably the interface can be
made to look less sucky that otherwise might be the case if it were a
link only interface.

We should be able to use cunning stunts (hmm... say when you've had a
few too many) in the header files to minimize the suckage and with
any luck may be able to strongly influence UDI simple because linux
has such a large userbase and some-many drivers already exist
(although, GPL'd drivers aren't going to be of much use for SCO/Sun).


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