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SubjectRe: Freeze Upon /dev/fd0 Use
On Tue, 1 Sep 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> > > VIA chipset ?
> > VIA, what's that?
> A chipset and the VIA VP2 we know has problems
> > Anyway it's an Intel Triton motherboard, with an Intel P90. I don't
> > have the exact number of the chipset with me, but I could look it up.

Also an Intel Triton MB for me; Intel 200MMX Overdrive.

> Thats very interesting indeed. Do you know what patchlevel (about) this
> problem started ?

I know the problem existed in like .117 since I've been pretty much
keeping up to date with devel releases and I had this problem last week
and one point. But, prior to that, I so rarely use disks, that I wouldn't
have noticed :) I'll try and run some previous kernels later and
hopefully see how far back it goes.


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