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SubjectRe: 6x86 recognition
Hi Trever,

On Fri, 7 Aug 1998, Trever Adams wrote:

> > The gettimeofday/rdtsc has been "fixed" by the sledgehammer approach. The
> > TSC is permanently disabled in Cx686MX's. The kernel will use the

> I thought the TSC problem was fixed in the MII family of Cyrix chips.
> If so, does this sledgehammer approach take this course of action with
> the MII? I ask this because I have a PPro 200 ad work, takes 2 seconds

Yep, MII is currently in the same boat as 6x86MX. But AFAIK only on

[Andre, is the TSC really fixed on the MII? If so, it would be a trival
patch to change the new C'ified detection code not to disable it for MII]

> P.S. 2.0.35 is what they run.

I'm not sure what the stock 2.0.35 does, but I do know that the Jumbo
patch completely eliminates the TSC problem even with APM or 6x86MX (You
get a free lunch. ;-)



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