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SubjectRe: [2.1.113] What is CHECK_TTY_COUNT warning me about?
Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

> As it happens I sent a patch to Linus for 2.1.115 (which hasn't been
> applied ;( ) that fixes this. It has to to do with the DEV_SYSCONS code
> so you can blaim the bug on me :)

> - if (tty->driver.hangup)
> + if (cons_filp) {
> + if (tty->driver.close)
> + for (n = 0; n < closecount; n++)
> + tty->driver.close(tty, cons_filp);
> + } else if (tty->driver.hangup)
> (tty->driver.hangup)(tty);
> restore_flags(flags);
> }

Hi Mike,

The particular bug complaining of tty->count not matching the fd's in use
predates your console changes.

From your patch above, I don't see how the tty->count would be directly
affected -- the tty counts are decremented in release_dev independently of
driver.close. So I think there must be some other factor operating here as
well ...


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