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SubjectRe: DEVFSv50 and /dev/fb? (or /dev/fb/? ???)
On Wed, 5 Aug 1998, Terry L Ridder wrote:

> But I am. I am speaking for companies and clients that I have been
> consulting to
> for many years. Companies which are currently being "courted" toward
> Linux.

For this I truely aplaud you. I do not understand, however, why you do
not care about the following things devfs gives you...

1) No need for userland created devices, as the driver will register them
for you.
2) Quicker access to the resource due to no waiting for a big /dev
directory lookup.
3) Less administrative overhead in maintaining /dev and a MAKEDEV script.
4) No maj/min device node limits, such as the number of them you can have.
5) Other that are not so obvious to me at this nanosecond...

> Again I ask.
> 2. What advantage does dev_fs offer us over the present system?
> Understand that we do not care about thousands & thousands of
> inodes in /dev, we do not care about directory searches being
> slow. So given that, what are the advantages? I would prefer a
> technical
> explanation.

I do not care that you do not care. You are not rational when you say "I
do not care about the good points, so show me the good points!" and, "I
hate those new names. I can still use the old names, but the new names
make devfs BAD". You did say this, BTW...

> Again I am not sure to whom you are referring here. I have never posted
> anything concerning whether dev_fs should or should not be an option.
> As stated perviously I have never posted anything concerning whether
> dev_fs
> would or would not break anything. To whom you are referring I have no
> idea.

Then why do you continually say, "I think DEVFS is bad because"...? And
specifically, the new nameing scheme?

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