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SubjectLilo is not happening

I am doing a patch for a 2.0.29 Linux kernel.
Addition of new system calls.(Modifying sys.c and entry.S)
Once i recompile the kernel,I am not able to do a lilo.
Lilo gives /etc/lilo.conf file not found error.
If i use a different config file with the lilo -C option,
it says that that file is also not found.
But actually those files are present.
I wrote a simple C program to open the file /etc/lilo.conf.
That works perfectly.
I tried to copy the lilo executable from a machine where
actually the lilo was happening fine.
That lilo also gave me the same error.
And in a trace routine,we found that actually lilo
is trying to open that file /etc/lilo.conf and cannot do it.
There is no other problem for the kernel.
Everything else is working fine..
network,other drivers etc..
Only lilo is not working.
Can any of u please suggest me the reason/solution for this?

Thanx in advance,

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