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    SubjectAlpha MIATA + PCI - trouble?

    I'm now trying soundcard S3 SonicVibes with Alpha MIATA (pyxis),
    but I have big trouble with access to DMA registers. These registers are
    accessible via non-standard PCI interface (I/O address - port address -
    is stored in 32-bit PCI registers 0x40 & 0x48). I don't know how access to
    PCI bus work with alpha systems, but seems that some remapping must be
    done before is specified i/o port accessible. Can someone help me with
    this problem? Please, send CC: directly to me (I'm only digest reader).
    Other problem: When kernel (currently 2.1.119) is booting kernel
    show these messages:

    [some dump of registers]
    kernel: PYXIS machine check NOT expected
    kernel: pyxis_machine_check: vector=0x660 la_ptr=0xfffffc00002085a0
    kernel: ^I^I pc=0xfffffc000047be88 size=0x1b8 procoffset=0xd8 sysoffset 0x160

    These messages appear when ALSA sound driver access to PCI
    registers, too.


    Jaroslav Kysela <>
    Academic Computer Centre, University of South Bohemia
    Branisovska 31, C. Budejovice, CZ-370 05 Czech Republic

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