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    SubjectRe: overloaded :-(

    On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Mike A. Harris wrote:
    > How about only allowing MIRROR's to download FULL kernels, and
    > normal users MUST download patches only? I think this is fair.

    I think a lot of this thread has missed Gerds original point, which was
    that he couldn't download the patch from any of the mirrors and
    was busy/slow. The problem is cyclical, if the mirrors don't have
    something, then bogs down, and the mirrors can't update
    themselves because they can't get connected so more people use
    instead of their favorite local mirror. There's only so much use that we
    can expect to get out of transmeta's t-1, so it stands to reason that
    using the mirrors more is the best solution.

    So... Support your local mirror, eventually the latest stuff will show up,
    or beat on your mirror administrator to crank their software up to twice a

    In the long run most of the mirrors should probably mirror off of fast
    regularly updated mirrors rather than off of proper, even if
    that effectivly doubles the latency for updates on the leaf nodes.

    In the long run reliable multicast kernel distribution is probably a
    direction for us to look-in so that all the mirrors are updated at the
    same time... Realisticly native multicast backbone deployemnt isn't really
    far enough along for the to be a complete solution, but it could reach
    most big .edu sites, lots of ebone sites, and some commercial providers...


    Joel Jaeggli
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    arms. Karl Marx -- Introduction to the critique of Hegel's Philosophy of
    the right, 1843.

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