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SubjectRe: APIC IO changes in 2.1.118.

On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Doug Ledford wrote:


> Nobody mixed up 2 and 9. It was intentional, but ddoesn't work as planned.
> If you leave IRQ 9 enabled, then at least on the Intel DK440LX motherboards
> the IO-APIC code is failing to properly set up IRQ 9 and causing system
> problems (I've now seen at least three reports of problems with IRQ 9
> disabled). If you leave it disabled, then the DK440LX works like a champ,
> but apparently other motherboards break. Time to try and figure out why IRQ
> 9 on the DK440LX won't work if it isn't disabled.

Perhaps this snippet from the Intel MB site may help -

IRQ9 cannot be re-assigned

IRQ9 is not available to assign to
ISA add-in cards because it is
dedicated to the power
management function of the PIIX4
controller on the motherboard.
This is true for other motherboards
which use the 82371AB PIIX4

I ran across this back when the problem first appeared in 2.1.110. It may
have bearing on some related DK specific problems (fr'instance I disable
the onboard hardware monitor and network desktop management stuff and had
many weird lockups go away). I would estatically test any patches that
hammered this if it would help. I also considered (have run internally)
posting a patch to Config that ifdef's the io_apic.c line above iff you
have a DK440LX _and_ run SMP. Maybe if in 2.2 there is an SMP checkbox for
config then we could have a DK440LX workaround box.

> Doug Ledford <>
> Opinions expressed are my own, but
> they should be everybody's.


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