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    SubjectRe: Next round of console patches
    Richard Gooch wrote:
    > OK, that would make sense if the write-combining is fouling up MMIO
    > register access. Can you please patch your kernel where it calls
    > mtrr_add() and add another call to mtrr_add() so that you set up a
    > small uncacheable region either at the beginning or the end of the
    > framebuffer?
    > With luck that will fix it. If it does, start trimming the uncacheable
    > region down in size until it fails again. That will tell you the
    > minimum size of the register region. If you're unsure of how big a
    > region to start with (say 4 kBytes still fails), make the entire
    > framebuffer uncacheable and step down in factors of two.

    Ok -- I patched vesafb.c as follows:

    mtrr_add((unsigned long)video_base, video_size, MTRR_TYPE_WRCOMB, 1);
    + mtrr_add((unsigned long)video_base, video_size, MTRR_TYPE_UNCACHABLE,

    I still got the lockup.

    Tom Eastep Tandem Division of COMPAQ

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