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SubjectRe: NFS client not looking good under 2.1.118 SMP (Was: Re: NFS looking
Alan Cox wrote:
> > 4) Linux crashes hard with no traces in the syslog and no message
> > to the console.
> Ok - your previous tests included 2.1.117-ac* and you said one seemed to fix
> the SMP crashes. I can't see why it should have but was that in fact the case
> ?

As of 2.1.120-1 linux passes some severe beating on the NFS client and
networking code! The netscape-empty-trashfolder-on-nfs-home-test has
been run 6 times with success. This test always crashed in 2.1.119!

These operations were done at the same time in a final stress test:

o compile kernel on nfs-mounted partition
o run empty-trashfolder-test on nfs-mounted partition
o run 'rsh remote-machine "cat /dev/zero" > /dev/null'
o run a program that continuously touches 100 Mb of heap
(the machine has 128 Mb dram)
o ktop running in fast update mode over X-windows
o serving a rebooting linux nfs client (running 2.1.120-1 SMP)

No file corruption was detected ('diff --recursive -d ...' was used).

During the test the machine was operated remotely through X-windows.
(Doing some www-browsing of text intensive pages and some system monitor
in a subshell under Xemacs.)

The network connection is a 3c905 to a 100 Mb/s Full Duplex 3COM switch.
During an uptime of approx. 4.5 hours the machine sent 65 million
packets over eth0.
The 3c59x F upgrade in 2.1.120-1 was backed out to get any network
contact at all.


Ove Ewerlid or
Phone: +46 70 666 23 63, Fax: +46 18 503 611, +46 18 555 096

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