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SubjectProblem compiling 2.1.114
I think some of the SMP stuff in 2.1.114 has screwed up the UP compiles.
I was able to compile 2.1.113 (and .112) without any problems, but 2.1.114
is a different story.

Compiling without SMP gives the following compile error:

init_task.c:24: parse error before `,'
init_task.c:24: warning: missing braces around initializer for
init_task.c:24: warning: excess elements in struct initializer after

Changing the Makefile to use SMP, the kernel compiles fine. Any clues?
My guess is that something that had been used no matter what is now being
conditionally used depending on SMP=1 (similar to the problem with
interrupts.h in .113). I'm working on trying to find it, but figured I'd
post here while I did in case someone can find it faster than I :) Please
cc the reply to me as well as to the list as I am only on the digest form
of the list at present.


Jeremy Katz

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