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SubjectRe: mtrr
Tom Rini <> writes:
> The docs for mtrr say that it can speedup graphical usage upto 2.5, and
> the Docs provide examples on howto read/add to /proc/mtrr, but are there
> any apps that make use of it? or do all you have to do is turn on the
> config option and then turn it on like the file says it would be used by X
> (or would it need a patch to use as well as manipulate?) and framebuffers?

I've modified XFree86 to manipulate /proc/mtrr appropriately. The
patch against the development version has been submitted to the head
honchos at XFree86. However, that won't appear until XFree86 4.0,
which is some way off.

Dave Wragg

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