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SubjectRe: ETXTBSY: Read The F. Patch before you comment on it

On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, pacman wrote:
> *growing impatience*
> That's what I did with the patch I sent here what seems like years ago (OK,
> maybe a week), and still I've got no response except a bunch of these little
> side discussions that never would have occurred if people had read my
> analysis of THE SAME ISSUES in the original post.

I don't think people really understand what "Codefreeze" is all about.

It's not about discussing issues. I agreed with your patch, but that has
no relevance at all. The kernel is frozen. The MAP_DENYWRITE kind of thing
is a behaviour issue that has very little real-world impact indeed, and as
such it's something that I can consider changing but as it's not arguably
a bug-fix it's not relevant to me right now.

So please continue to work on the F patch, but if you grow impatient you
have only yourself to blame. I certainly agree that there is little reason
for all this discussion.


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