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SubjectRe: Out of ptys
On Thu, Aug 27, 1998 at 01:26:15PM -0400, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> Yes. You are the only one so far that observed that there _is_ a newline
> in the output string so they should both operate the same. Most are
> content with explaining that I don't know anything.
> The program was written, not as an example of how to program, but simply
> to demonstrate the problem. If I am executing `gdb` or `strace` on a
> network-connected program who's socket has been duped to the three basic
> fds, and the socket is closed by the peer I've got a big problem finding
> what went wrong.

It's a socket descriptor? Then it's not a terminal and the line
buffering won't be switched on for stdout -- block buffering will be
used just like for a file. stderr is unbuffered as usual.

So I'd expect different behaviours for these programs.

-- Jamie

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