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    SubjectRe: IDE-Driver Update :: Testing Requested (Ultra33 as RAID?? (fwd))
    Martin Mares wrote:
    > Can you look at the PCB whether the board uses PCI IRQ pins different
    > from IRQ A? In case it uses, it violates the PCI specs as they say it's
    > allowed only for multi-function devices. In case it doesn't use, it's
    > impossible to have both halves generating different IRQs.

    I have one.

    The board uses a single PCI interrupt when in "native" mode,
    and a pair of interrupts when in "compatibility" mode (IRQ14/15),
    as do *all* compliant PCI IDE controllers.

    Note the confusion may simply be that a *single* "IDE controller"
    these days always supports *two* hwif's (interfaces).

    The Promise RAID card is identical to the Promise Ultra33 IDE card,
    except for a different on-board BIOS.

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