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SubjectNFS client not looking good under 2.1.118 SMP (Was: Re: NFS looking good!)

2.1.118 SMP still fails as 2.1.117 SMP did wrt client use
of NFS mounted homedirectories!

The test setup:

1) System A - linux 2.1.118 UP (NFS server, PPro200Mhz, 3c905 FD)

2) System B - linux 2.1.118 SMP mounting homes from A (dual
PPro200Mhz, 3c905 FD)

The test:

3) A user on B with a mail inbox directory of 200 Mb messages
runs 'Empty Trash Folder' in Netscape-4.5b1.

The result:

4) Linux crashes hard with no traces in the syslog and no message
to the console.

System B has been running SMP under 2.1.89 (and 2.1.117/118) serving 20
linux clients since 2.1.89 was released with no problems. Thus, probably
no hardware

Under UP, system B is rock solid relative the empty-trash-folder test
and is
currently humming along in UP-mode.


Ove Ewerlid or
Phone: +46 70 666 23 63, Fax: +46 18 503 611, +46 18 555 096

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