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SubjectRe: de4x5.c patch against 2.1.117
Date (Alan Cox) writes:

> I actually took the ISAPnP patches and tried to beat them into that after
> the last time Linus made his comments.
> If you try this you'll discover two things
> 1. Most of ISAPnP can be done in user space

You are completely right, however...

> In the end I found I had a choice of (2.3ish) doing the whole resource
> stuff, or avoiding the resource stuff, which reduced to the "isapnp
> tools needs a decent front end" problem not a kernel one.

As Dan already pointed out, that would probably mean using modules and
isapnp userspace tool to get hardware running.

What if I DON'T like modules?
Do I have any alternative?

I would like to make monolithic Linux kernel (without modules) and run
all my PnP hardware without a problem.

Currently, I'm patching my kernels to get that behaviour, with the
same Tom Lees package you once tried to get into kernel. And it still
works great, thanks for asking.

Until we have proper PnP support in the kernel, I don't bother
patching. I find it still cleaner than making modules ONLY because my
hardware (AWE64 at the moment) is PnP.

That could be a weird decision, but... :)
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