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    SubjectRe: sector size of 2068?
    On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, Peter wrote:

    > What would need to be changed to make a SCSI disk with sector_size
    > reporting back as 2068 work?

    In the SCSI controller BIOS setup, low-level format the drive using
    your new controller. The drive was apparently low-level formatted on
    on different controller, or simply contains a manufacturers' test
    pattern. If you don't have a controller that shows a startup
    window that says "^B or ^A to enter setup.." or something like
    that, you need to format the drive on some machine that does.

    Normally SCSI Direct-Access devices (Disks), have logical block
    lengths that are powers-of-two. It is an important internal
    optimization to select the proper head, etc. Therefore I doubt
    that the "real" block-size is 2068. In practice, it's usually
    512 or a multiple thereof.

    Dick Johnson
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