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SubjectRe: NFS client not looking good under 2.1.118 SMP (Was: Re: NFS looking
> >       4)  Linux crashes hard with no traces in the syslog and no message
> > to the console.
> Ok - your previous tests included 2.1.117-ac* and you said one seemed to fix
> the SMP crashes. I can't see why it should have but was that in fact the case
> ?

I have been seeing similar, and reproducible, behavior. I'm running
2.1.119-pre1 on a Dell dual PII, NFS mounting a disk from an IBM server. The
disk is mounted `hard,intr'. I start tar'ing a directory to the disk, interrupt
with a ^C, and the machine locks up. This works without problem (i.e., no
lockup) if I use a UP NFS client. It has this way since at least 2.1.116
(possibly much before that). I've also tried 117ac[1,2,3] and saw the same


David Morrison Brookhaven National Laboratory phone: 516-344-5840
Physics Department, Bldg 510 C fax: 516-344-3253
Upton, NY 11973-5000 email:

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