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SubjectRe: 2.1.118 Tons of oopes
David S. Miller writes:
> Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 19:11:25 +1000
> From: Richard Gooch <>
> Linus: for god's sake, back out the particular patch that did this!
> Surely we can live with having flush() at the end of the structure?!?!
> This is 2.1.x, for 2.0.x I could understand your grievance, but for
> 2.1.x it really isn't called for to complain about it. In fact this
> is the first time I have heard anyone complain about a fundamental
> structure change in 2.1.x, how come you didn't speak up during all the
> dentry structure changes, why is this instance different?

Well, for one thing the dentry changes were actually *useful*. In
other words, they conferred practical benefits. Secondly, they were
done in the midst of the development cycle, not just before 2.2 is
released. I think there are a fair few driver writers who have ported
to 2.1.x in preparation for 2.2.

> It is beneficial to put it somewhere in the middle, as then you can
> perform compiler warning/error message driven updates, if you put it
> at the end much of the code will compiler silently.

OK, there is a reason to do it. But is the benefit really worth the



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