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SubjectRe: 2.1.118 Tons of oopes
Garst R. Reese writes:
> When I started pcmcia-cs-3.0.5 with only a serial card active I got a
> flood of unable to dereference null pointer oopes. If anybody wants them
> I'll run em thru ksymoops, but I suspect it's a matter of telling dhinds
> what got changed (all those added NULLS?).
> Got another one shutting down, but 2.1.117 + bill's patches came up
> clean.

I think this is because of the incompatible source change to struct
file_operations introduced in 2.1.118. A new flush() method was
inserted between the open() and release() methods instead of being
placed at the bottom (where it should have been placed).

If you look at modules/ds.c you'll see the use of ds_fops is
incompatible with the kernel: include/linux/fs.h

A warning to all: anyone with a driver which isn't distributed with
the kernel sources will have similar problems.

Linus: for god's sake, back out the particular patch that did this!
Surely we can live with having flush() at the end of the structure?!?!



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