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SubjectRe: copy_from_user() fixu
Chris Wedgwood writes:
> If I have a spec. (Unix98) that says when I do blah with blem I can
> expect EFAULT, then I don't see why I can't expect this.

From Unix98 (Single Unix Specification Version 2, April 1997). Section
XSH errors.

Implementations ... may generate additional errors unless explicitly
disallowed for a particular function.

Bad address
The system detected an invalid address in attempting to use an
argument of a call. The reliable detection of this error cannot
be guaranteed, and when not detected may result in the
generation of a signal, indicating an address violation, which
is sent to the process.

The XSH section of Unix98 does not list EFAULT as a required error
return for any system interface. Unless English has been changed
recently the above means the kernel can deliver error EFAULT *or* a
signal and still conform to Unix98.

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